Definition of maintenance

Is a collection of procedures and a series of continuing operations to be carried out in order to put the machine in full readiness to work and to keep the stomach or the system in good working condition mode.

Maintenance and operating goals

1. Standing maintain the good condition of the machine and equipment and to ensure good performance and thus the quality of the output.
2. reduce the incidence of failures and caused an economic loss of the production process of the facility and the cost of the restart.
3. increase the shelf life of machinery and thus get more meaningful results.
4. achieve stable operating conditions and thus provide a good working environment and achieve the conditions and atmosphere of safety for workplaces.

Altqa company owns a qualified maintenance team technically and practically and coach at the highest level on the maintenance work for all types of machines and production lines
It is equipped with all means necessary for the operation and general maintenance equipment, emergency repairs, preventive maintenance, and ongoing maintenance

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