Wood pellet production lines

Wood Pellet Production Lines

Altqa company wood pellet production lines of various kinds (Range – Flat), as well as various accessories lines (Crushers – Screeners – coolers – tanks – Bremat – conveyor belts – Filling and Packaging) machines

Wood Plate production lines are Ashaddamha to convert wood sawdust (or break the timber or agricultural residues) to the billet grilles and also can be used in converting feed to soft grilles Feed

Wood Pellet

It is one of the means of biofuels conversion to energy.
It is the most famous internationally known species.
CBS and is made from wood sawdust or break the timber or the other remnants of the wood.
There are other sources it is the use of palm husk or peel or coconut trees also can use all of the remnants of breaking tree branches or agricultural soil residues.

Also it weeds and grass soil can be used in capsules and converted to biofuel called grass grass pellets capsules.
This energy Vkpsolat is manufactured from a variety of sources to suit the purpose of use, and are classified
There is, for example, dedicated to the production of electricity fuel, power plants, homes, and other needs.

And those capsules “Pellet” is characterized as having a large density where they are manufactured from materials at a low moisture so that the ignition quickly.
The small size also helps to increase the emitted power density and distribution to larger and larger scale.

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