Soft band machines

Soft band machines

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Machines are used in the conversion of waste and residues such as wood residue (Russification machines – the expulsion of the saw – leftover contras) and turn it into a soft mulch.

These machines vary in capacity from the beginning of 100 kg / h and up to 2 tons / h and manufactures these machines in the company’s factories ( Altqa for alternative energy company ) European specifications and the highest standards of quality and safety

These machines produce different sizes of sawdust, according to the beginning of the sieve diameters of 2 mm to 20 mm

And the many uses of soft sawdust recently for use in several industries as an industry-ROM coal / Brackett coal / Wood Pellet as well as their uses in compressed wood panels MDF / SDF Industries

The company has developed ( Altqa for alternative energy company ) in some models of machinery for upgradation productivity