Generating electricity from the vehicle wheels

Generating electricity from the vehicle wheels

Increasing importance of electric cars and featured in every day, but the issue of distance you can for these cars remains that go before recharging its battery of important factors that limit the spread .. been several techniques developed to support continuous charging of the battery operation so as to take advantage of the lost energy in many times, including the energy generated by braking where thermal energy generated usually not too bad, and using the power of the braking Regenerative braking technique will be to capture the energy generated in the form of Ziaat such as heat and return it to the battery.

Absorbent such shocks are many ways Engineers have discovered to capture the energy in the case of pressure and rebound rebound and compression of shock absorbers and Goodyear company relies on this method in an attempt to take advantage of the pressure on the tire changes.

The company has spent tires as all companies a lot of time and money to develop tires advantage of the least resistance possible friction with asphalt to reduce fuel consumption and increase the distance that can be electric cars that traveled.

The proposed mechanism of action

The energy is picking up in accordance with the concept of BH-03 in two ways

The first way: The advantage of the feature Albisokahrbaiah piezoelectricity elements which elements that cause pressure to generate electricity where electric charge be included in the article appear when subjected to mechanical stress Kaldguet and torsion. Since the tire is under continuous pressure when the rotation, it is possible to take advantage of it.

The work in this area continuously for the collection of this unique material with other material constituting the frame so that we maintain Albisokahrbaiah characteristics required in addition to the flexibility of the tires on a permanent basis.

The second way: the generation of electricity is to take advantage of the heat and the way called thermoelectric thermoelectricity is converted difference in temperature to voltage. Where we note that whether any tires in the sun or in the case of rotation on the road, it will generate heat.

Goodyear company seeks to use thermoelectric materials to generate electricity from the difference in temperature between warm and cold rubber factory frame parts. Here, the challenge is also to integrate this unique material with other materials so that each of which maintains its properties not losing flexibility or durability of the frame.

If the company’s engineers have been able to discover how to use the tires to generate electricity, the next step will be to explore the best mechanism to take advantage of the power generated, and transportation of the frame. A logical applications is the use of energy within the framework sensors send information about the tire pressure and temperature to a computer to improve the performance of the car and send this energy to the battery via the link collect this energy and reaching the battery.