Generates electricity through plants

Generates electricity through plants

Algae table (moss) are built-in home furnishings invention shows clearly the possibilities for the future Tknulouhaa biological optical BPV.

Electricity is generated by electrons trapped in conductive fibers inside the table, and thus turn the energy spent on the process of photosynthesis into energy can be tapped.

Plants basin works as a Baukerrukemaaia converts chemical energy into electrical using biomaterial (live) Kaltahalb or cyanobacteria (cyanobacteria) or vascular plants.

What the table still in the early stages but nevertheless produces enough energy to work a small digital Calcaat, and scientists predict that this technology will be able to secure more energy for devices Kalmsabih or even laptops.

The table used algae (moss) to publish research BPV wider range technology and is part of a larger research project called “designed for science”, which seeks to expand the road where it meets the design and science.